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TJ's DJ's Record Pool  & CD Pool presents the Tastemakers Only hip hop dj conference



TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only
DJ/Music Conference Itenerary
October 19 thru 23, 2005

Wednesday, October 19

Event: Tastemakers Only Mixer & Badge Pick-Up w/ EA Sports
Time: 4-7pm
Location: Holiday Inn (Apalachee Pkwy)


Thursday, October 20

Event: Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conference
Time: 5-10pm
Location: The Moon (1105 E. Lafayette St.)

Event: Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conference Afterparty
Time: 10pm-2am
Location: The Moon (1105 E. Lafayette St.)


Friday, October 21

Event: TJ’s DJ’s Stay In School Drive
Time: 9am-Noon
Location: TBD


Sunday, October 23

Event: Tastemakers Only Farewell BBQ
Time: 12pm
Location: TBD

Event: TJ’s DJ’s Hurricane Relief Celebrity Kickball Game
Time: 1pm
Location: TBD


What happened at

TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only July 19-21

By: Keith “1st Prophet” Kennedy

TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conference has taken pride in helping over 1,000 DJs and other entertainment power players elevate their hustle each quarter. For the 3rd Quarter during July 19-21, 2005, the Tastemakers Conference itself underwent a facelift to facilitate a larger ability to unite and educate the industry.

July 19 brought about a series of Tastemakers events that were not only fun, but titillating as well. The evening began with a Tastemakers Mixer by EA Sports. The Tastemakers were able to relax after traveling from throughout the Southeast, Texas, the Carolinas, and even Michigan with a strong drink and if properly inclined, they were able to play EA’s latest football offerings in NCAA ’06 and Madden ’05. From there, the Tastemakers were treated to an advance showing of Paramount’s critically acclaimed film, “Hustle & Flow” starring Terrance Howard and Ludacris. The Miracle 5 Theatre was packed to capacity with Tastemakers like Cumulus Broadcasting’s Operations Manager, Hurricane Dave and lucky listeners of WWLD-Tallahassee, a partner in the event. But, the coup de grace of the evening was the nightcap, the Tastemakers Tasties Strip-Off Contest.

The Tastemakers gathered at Club Bounce to bear witness to the crowning of Ms. Tasty – 3rd Q 2005. This quarter’s Ms. Tasty took home a bounty full of prizes including the 3rd Q ’05 Ms. Tasty crown & sash, $500 cash, an all-expenses paid trip to Philadelphia & Washington, DC to appear in a video shoot by Digital Soul Entertainment, a photo shoot with Fantasy World Pictures, $40 credit at Wondu Spur gas station, various adult toys from Mahogany Desires, an official Tasties T-shirt by Ebonix, and other prizes. But, how does a woman become Ms. Tasty?

The finalists for the contest had one song to demonstrate their dancing talents. From a 10 point system, a panel of judges including TJ Chapman (CEO, TJ’s DJ’s) and Troy Hudson (NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves) chose the winner based on a demonstration of physical attractiveness, show creativity, costume design, dancing ability, charisma, and erotic allure. In fact, Hudson was so enamored by the contestants he upped the grand prize to $650 which increased the competition level dramatically.

In the end, the heated competition came down to a tie between Sexy T and Candi. The contest then was decided by a one song Strip-Off. Although Sexy T gave a new meaning to the term bottle action, Candi took the crown with a rousing rendition of Janet’s “Would You Mind.” Candi’s tantalizing pole work and diminutive dark chocolate frame caused the judges to nibble and award the top prize.

After those great events, the Tastemakers were warmed up for the reason for the season, the Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conference. Over 1,000 DJs, artists, labels, media outlets, and other entertainment industry genres were in attendance to network and learn from pioneers who have already climbed the mountain to success. This quarter’s panelists included Smurf / Mr. ColliPark (producer/CEO, ColliPark Ent.), producer Jim Jonsin (Pretty Ricky, Trick Daddy), Memphitz (A&R, Jive), Static Major (wrote 14 #1 hits for Ginuwine, Aaliyah, & Pretty Ricky among others), Wes Phillips (urban music buyer, Select-O-Hits), Troy Hudson (NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves/CEO, Nutty Boyz Ent.), and Jacki-O (artist). The panel deftly fielded questions from the Tastemakers and provided insights on what worked for them to achieve positive results. More importantly, they also disclosed mistakes and failures to help the Tastemakers avoid the same pitfalls.

After the business was handled, the Tastemakers were treated to an impromptu performance of the sexy “Let’s Get Freaky” by Rob G. This led into the awards presented by TJ’s DJ’s CEO, TJ Chapman. Chapman rewarded Smurf for his ability to dictate trends with the Tastemaker Award. After a long arduous road, Smurf received his very first award in recognition for his contributions through production (“Wait (The Whisper Song)”) and other ventures. In addition, DJs H. Vidal (WBTP-Tampa) and Slim earned the Platinum Needle Award for their work in turning the DJing craft into a business.

Speaking of good business moves, music is not the only thing that gets broken at the Tastemakers. Tampa Tony introduced his new Blunt Splitter complete with a built in lighter and packer that simplifies the cigar break down process. In addition, former Source Magazine’s COO, Jeremy Miller debuted his new magazine Down complete with features for and about the Southern music movement.

The evening closed with a thrilling showcase of future stars following in the footsteps of previous Tastemakers Showcase performers like David Banner, Trillville, and T-Pain. This quarter featured Albany’s Cotton Pikaz with “Blue 38 (Doodie Hole),” Alabama’s Dirty “Rolie Polie,” the Gutta Boyz from Orlando with “Ridin’ & Swervin’,” Jokaman “Bad,” Ray’s smooth stylings delivering “Southern Lovin’,” and Suthun Boy “Put It On Pause” as he allowed Tavoria to “Slide” in on his set.

The after party with WBWT at The Moon filled to capacity and was sparked by a performance from the Digital Soul camp with “Slow Up.” The highlight of the evening came when Young Cash (“Put That Iron On ‘Em”) celebrated his new deal with SRC/Universal by taking the stage and throwing over $4,000 cash into the crowd while passing multiple champagne bottles to the people as he performed. Plus, the audience went into a frenzy when Pastor Troy closed the show with an overabundance of crunktual energy.

Before the Tastemakers hit the road the following afternoon, they were treated to a Farewell Luncheon BBQ courtesy of Nutty Boyz Ent. While enjoying succulent sauce, the Tastemakers were also entertained by several open mic performances. This event closed out the three days of events the Tastemakers were treated to until the next conference scheduled for October 19-21, 2005, enclosed in the Florida A&M University homecoming activities. Visit for more information. The Tastemakers Only conference once again provided a positive venue for the entertainment industry to gather, network, and take notes. But with the added features, it showed that one is never too grand to improve on a good thing.


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» TJ Chapman receives James "Dickey" Hazley Heritage Award at 1st Annual GFL Awards in Tallahassee, FL.

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