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Past Tastemakers Only Attendees

TJ's DJ's Record Pool & CD Pool started doing the pool meetings in January 2001. Since then the pool meeting has grown and spawned into the TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only, attracting artists, djs, record companies, magazines, video shows, club owners, promoters and more.

Here are some of the people who have attended, performed, sponsored and supported TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only.


>> Trillville - BME / Warner Bros.
>> David Banner - SRC / Universal Records
>> Big Gipp - Koch Records
>> Grandaddy Souf - SRC / Universal Records
>> Camoflauge - Pure Pain Records
>> Rated R - 2-4-1 / Motown Records
>> Gangsta Boo - Yorktown Records
>> Iconz - Koch Entertainment
>> LJ - Cool Joe Records
>> Suave Smooth - Headquarter Records
>> KD - Wilderness Entertainment
>> The Survivalists - Harsh Reality Records
>> Humble Thugs - IJ Records
>> Lil' Zay - Xela Entertainment
>> Suicide - Futurescope
>> Archie Eversole - Phat Boy / MCA Records
>> Uncle Head - Mega Ace Records


>> 2-4-1 Records
>> ABC Networks
>> Aftermath Entertainment
>> Alkon Entertainment
>> Ambition Records & Entertainment
>> Avatar Records
>> B.I.G. F.A.C.E./SRC/Universal
>> Ballin’ Music Group
>> Benchmark Music
>> Big Tyme Entertainment
>> Black Magic Records
>> Blunt/TVT Records
>> BMG
>> Body Snatcha Records
>> Bottom Lyne Records
>> Breakaway
>> Bushi & Bashi Entertainment
>> Columbia Records
>> Concious Steps Entertainment
>> Cool Joe Records
>> Def Jamaica Records
>> Dirty Down/Artemis
>> Dirty South Entertainment
>> Drop Zone Entertainment
>> EA Sports
>> Earthwake Records
>> Elektra Records
>> Fast Lane Records
>> Fat Fred Entertainment
>> FSU College of Law Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law
>> FUBU Entertainment
>> Fy Station Records
>> Grooveline Magazine
>> H.A.L.O.E. Entertainment
>> Harsh Reality Records
>> HedRush Records
>> Heineken
>> Home Bass Enterprises
>> How You Love That Records
>> Hpnotiq
>> IJ Records
>> Isabomb Entertainment
>> Jive Records
>> John Grayson Accounting Services
>> Kellogg’s Entertainment
>> Leon County Health Department
>> Lifestyles
>> Lockin’ It Down Records
>> Long Term Records South
>> MCA Records
>> Mega Ace Productions
>> Members Only
>> Mercury Entertainment
>> Mike Bend Productions
>> Moorehouse Entertainment
>> Star Gate Productions
>> Nfinity/Universal Records
>> Omni Music Group
>> Orca Records
>> Organized Noize/Interscope
>> Ozone Magazine
>> Pallas/Universal Records
>> Parra Mo
>> Phat Boy Entertainment
>> Phat Staxx Entertainment
>> Poe Boy Entertainment
>> Pure Pain Records
>> Quick Hit Records
>> Raptivism Records
>> Realionaire Entertainment
>> Red Bull Energy Drink
>> Red Star Sounds
>> Restless Records
>> Royal Knights Records
>> Showstopper Records
>> Slip-N-Slide Records
>> Chupa Chups Smints
>> SNA Record Pool
>> So So Def Entertainment
>> Sony Entertainment
>> Sounds of Atlanta
>> Southern Kustomz Magazine
>> Southpaw
>> Step-Up Records
>> Stereo Sales
>> Suave House
>> Super Star Entertainment
>> Superkala Records
>> Tech.Nitions
>> The Moon
>> Tommy Boy Records
>> True Blunts
>> Two Dogs Records
>> Universal Records
>> Unpredictable Music
>> Warner Bros. Records
>> WEA, Inc.
>> Wilderness Entertainment
>> Wildstyle Music & More
>> Wildstyle Records
>> Wunstop Entertainment
>> Xela Entertainment
>> Xodus Entertainment
>> Zahirah Entertainment


Name Company Position Market
103.1 Bradenton Dirty Red DJ  
91.3 Clientele Radio     Orlando, FL
Archie Eversole "We Ready" Artist Tallahassee, FL
Ashley Jackson Sony Music Promotions Tallahassee, FL
Baby D "It's Goin' Down" Artist Atlanta, GA
Beatmaster Clay D "Gimme A Bottle" Artist Orlando, FL
Big Gipp "Steppin' Out" Artist Atlanta, GA
Bigga Rankings Cool Runnings CEO Jacksonville, FL
Bonecrusher "Never Scared" Artist Atlanta, GA
Buggah On Point Marketing CEO Miami, FL
C.O. Missy's Hype Man Artist Miami, FL
Camoflauge "Cut Friends" Artist Savannah, GA
Clay D Mega DJs DJ Orlando, FL
Coach V-XII Promotions Owner Quincy, FL
Cognito "Big Bank" Artist Miami, FL
Dale Flynt WBWT Program Director Tallahassee, FL
Dave Gay Isabomb CEO Tampa, FL
David Banner "Like A Pimp" Artist Jackson, MS
Dawgman DME Entertainment/Clientele Radio Owner Orlando, FL
Derek Washington Upstart Record Pool Pool Director Jacksonville, FL
Dirtbag Monica's "Set It Off" Artist Miami, FL
DJ B-Lord Petey Pablo's Tour DJ DJ South Carolina
DJ Bodie WHJX DJ Jacksonville, FL
DJ Dap WVHT Asst. Program Director Tallahassee, FL
DJ Demp Demp Productions Owner Tallahassee, FL
DJ Dr. Doom WJBT/WEBZ/WQBT Mixer Jacksonville, FL
DJ Frank Luv WBWT Asst. Mix Director/DJ Tallahassee, FL
DJ Jelly Oomp Camp DJ Atlanta, GA
DJ Magic Mike WPYO DJ Orlando, FL
DJ Nasty WBWT DJ Tallahassee, FL
DJ Shane Cool Runnings DJ Jacksonville, FL
DJ Silk WFXM Mixshow Coordinator Macon, GA
DJ Tremayne WRXZ DJ Albany, GA
DJ Wally Sparks WKPO/Tech.Nitions DJ Chatanooga, TN
Don Cody Moses Media Owner Gainesville, FL
Drum Majors "Pussy" Producer Miami, FL
E-Class Poe Boy Entertainment CEO Miami, FL
Ed The World Famous WWLD/Tech.Nitions Program Director Tallahassee, FL
Eric Cohen Heineken Initiative/Red Star Sounds Music Consultant New York, NY
Fiend "Big Timers" Artist New Orleans, LA
Fish Lo Whoa! Magazine Editor-In-Chief Tallahassee, FL
Flex MTV Host / Filmmaker New York, NY
Funk Boogie "Take It To The House" Producer Miami, FL
Gilbert Alvarez Street Dwellaz Manager Orlando, FL
Grandaddy Souf "Savage Journey (Fuck Da Law)" Artist Orlando, FL
Hot 106     Albany, GA
Humble Thugs "Gangsta, Gangsta" Artist Miami, FL
Hurricane Dave Cumulus Broadcasting Operations Director Tallahassee, FL
Iconz "Get Fucked Up" Artist Miami, FL
Intoxicated Oomp Camp Artist Atlanta, GA
Jacki-O "Pussy" Artist Miami, FL
Jermaine Watkins Headquarter Records CEO West Palm Beach, FL
Jo Jo McToy WBWT APD Tallahassee, FL
Joe Bullard WHBX Personality Tallahassee, FL
J-Shin "One Night Stand" Artist Miami, FL
JT Money "Who Dat" Artist Miami, FL
Judy Jones J. Jones Promotions Owner Cincinnati, OH
Julia Beverly Ozone Magazine Editor-In-Chief Orlando, FL
Kamikaze "You Ain't Hard" Artist Mississippi
Keisha Hayes MBC News Network Journalist Tallahassee, FL
Keith Kennedy TJ's DJ's/Wildstyle Music & More Gen. Manager Tallahassee, FL
Kermit Henderson East Cleveland Music Dist. Owner Cleveland, OH
Khujo Goodie Goodie MOB Artist Atlanta, GA
Lauryn Doyle Red Bull Energy Drink Field Marketing Manager Atlanta, GA
Lock Cool Jock Jam Pony Express DJ Tampa, FL
Loko Oomp Camp Artist Atlanta, GA
Marvin Dixon   Comedian Miami, FL
Melissa "CWG" Metzcus   Promotions Miami, FL
Michael "Smurf" Crooms ColliPark CEO Atlanta, GA
Michael Jackson Nfinity Records Owner Montgomery, AL
Michael London SNA Record Pool Owner Montgomery, AL
Mike Robinson Flava Music Owner Tallahassee, FL
Money Mark "Take It To The House" Artist Miami, FL
Mr. DJ Outkast, Goodie MOB Producer Atlanta, GA
Nappy Headz "Robbery" Artist Tallahassee, FL
Nick Taylor EA Sports College Rep Tallahassee, FL
Ole-E "Livin' Good But Comfortable" Artist/Producer Albany, GA
Orlando McGhee Organized Noize   Atlanta, GA
Ozzie Oz WTMG DJ Gainesville, FL
Postaboy 106 & Park freestyle champion Artist New York, NY
Rated R "In Here Tonight" Artist Tampa, FL
Rico Wade Organized Noize Producer Atlanta, GA
Roland Powell   Comedian Jacksonville, FL
Ron Dugans Cincinnati Bengals Athlete Tallahassee, FL
Sarah Meredith Red Bull Energy Drink Team Manager Tallahassee, FL
Sherri Fine WBWT Personality Tallahassee, FL
Shonda Knight WCTV-TV (CBS affiliate) Journalist Tallahassee, FL
Sid Johnson Field Mob - "Ashy" & "Roota" Executive Producer Cincinnati, OH
Ski 2-4-1 Records CEO Tampa, FL
Smilez & Southstar "Tell Me" Artist Orlando, FL
Stereo Sales Luke   Tallahassee, FL
Suave Smooth "What Dey Do" Artist West Palm Beach, FL
Superstar J. Kwik! WBWT/Tech.Nition DJ Tallahassee, FL
Tampa Tony "We Jukin'" Artist Tampa, FL
Taz Dirty Down Entertainment CEO Tampa, FL
THER.I.P.Y. "Came Up Short Again" Artist Tallahassee, FL
Thrill Da Playa Homebass Enterprises Owner/Artist Orlando, FL
Tiffany Johnson Interscope Records Promotions Tallahassee, FL
TJ Chapman TJ's DJ's/Wildstyle Music & More Owner Tallahassee, FL
Train Mega DJs DJ Orlando, FL
Trillville "Never Eva" Artist Atlanta, GA
Ty Young MBC Consultants Owner Atlanta, GA
Van Wilson WVHT Gen. Manager Tallahassee, FL
Vaughn Wilson Capital Outlook/Mega Ace/The Moon   Tallahassee, FL
White Dawg "Pop A Pill" Artist Orlando, FL
Will Gilmore   Comedian Tallahassee, FL
Willie Triplett (Ready for the World) "Love You Down" Artist Cleveland, OH
Zay "Fire" Artist Miami, FL
  WANM   Tallahassee, FL
  WEBZ   Savannah, GA
  WFXM   Macon, GA
  WHBX   Tallahassee, FL
  WJBT   Jacksonville, FL
  WPYO   Orlando, FL
  WTMG   Gainesville, FL
  WQBT   Savannah, GA
  WVHT   Tallahassee, FL
  WWLD   Tallahassee, FL
  WWSD   Quincy, FL
  WXHT   Valdosta, FL
  WZHT   Montgomery, AL
  Gulf Coast Live video show   Pensacola, FL



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