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TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Only

TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool have officially announced the date of the next Tastemakers Only Record Pool Meeting for April 13, 2005 to be held at The Moon (1105 E. Lafayette St.) in Tallahassee, Florida.

What is the Tastemakers Only?

The Tastemakers Only is the premiere urban music/dj conference in the Southeast that puts into one room over 800 key DJs, PDs, MDs, retailers, club owners, magazine writers, artists, promoters, marketing companies, and label reps both from Florida and as far away as Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, the Carolinas, and Washington, DC. Program Directors, Assistant PDs, and DJs from WBWT (Tallahassee), WHBX (Tallahassee), WVHT (Tallahassee), WANM (Tallahassee), WWLD (Tallahassee), WJBT (Jacksonville), WHJX (Jacksonville), WEBZ (Panama City), WFXM (Macon), WXHT (Valdosta), WTMG (Gainesville), WQBT (Savannah), WWSD (Quincy), WPYO (Orlando), 91.7 CLIENTEL RADIO (Orlando), HOT 106 (Albany), and other influential stations took advantage of the meeting. As did TECH.NITIONS, WILDSTYLE MUSIC & MORE, EAST CLEVELAND MUSIC DIST. (Kermit Henderson), SONY MUSIC, INTERSCOPE RECORDS, BME RECORDINGS, AQUEMINI, DEF JAM RECORDS, BIG OOMP RECORDS, WCTV-TV (CBS affiliate), EA SPORTS, HPNOTIQ, RED BULL ENERGY DRINK, HEINEKEN, TRUE BLUNTS, OZONE MAGAZINE (Julia Beverly, Editor-In-Chief), and MBC News Network.

Plus, renowned beat maker RICO WADE (Organized Noize), DJ B-LORD (syndicated DJ), funnyman ROLAND POWELL (appeared on TI’s “24s” and Cedric The Entertainer videos), former Slip-N-Slide beat man FUNK BOOGIE (“Shut Up”), MONEY MARK (“Take It To The House”), C.O. (Missy’s hype man), ex-Slip-N-Slide Executive MIKE HOPKINS, BUGGAH (On Point Marketing), BIGGA RANKINGS (Cool Runnings), DIRTBAG (Monica’s “Set It Off”), Oomp Camp’s DJ JELLY, LOKO, INTOXICATED, and BABY D.

Orlando’s WHITE DAWG (“Pop A Pill”), Goodie Mob’s BIGG GIPP and KHUJO, DRUM MAJORS (producers, Jacki-O’s “Pussy Real Good”), GRANDADDY SOUF (“F*ck Da Law”), THRILL DA PLAYA (“Grey Goose”), JT MONEY (“Who Dat”), ZAE (“Fire”), BEATMASTER CLAY D (“Gimme A Bottle”), and legendary radio Tastemaker DON CODY all stopped by to network and build with the Tastemakers during the dj conference.

The Tastemakers is not limited to the djs in the music business, but includes the products and equipment that help them to get there. That is why there were product demonstrations on PIONEER’s CDJ-800 and CDJ-1000MK2 along with the STANTON FINAL SCRATCH. Everybody that attended met each other and forged relationships that will strengthen this market and the projects they are involved with. In addition, everyone was exposed to the hottest and newest hip hop, r&b and reggae music available. This allowed for a direct pipeline to the ears of the people that make music happen.

There is also an artist showcase available at the end of the meeting reserved for groups that are on the cutting edge of the music scene. A few previous performers that have been broken include DAVID BANNER (“Get Down, Like A Pimp”), KAMIKAZE (“You Ain’t Hard”), GANGSTA BOO (“Where Dem Dollas”), SUAVE SMOOTH (“What They Do?”), LIL SCRAPPY (“Headbussas”), TRILLVILLE (“Neva Eva”), ARCHIE EVERSOLE (“We Ready”), RATED R (“In Here Tonight”), CAMOFLAUGE (“Professional”), ICONZ (“Get Fucked Up”), the HUMBLE THUGS (“Gangsta, Gangsta”) URBAN MONARCHY (“411.6969”), KD (“Why”), and LJ (“Fortunately”).

To register or if you need further information please call 850.877.6090 or email


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