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Welcome to the TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool website. Interwoven between these pages are the keys to the music industry.

We must warn you, if you're not serious about music or djing you might as well click off now. But, if you want to know that next song before it hits and fiend for the tools necessary to run your neck of the woods, then you've come to the right place.

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When it comes to DJing, the owner of the venue generally holds all of the cards. The owner earns the door money, bar tabs, and dictates what he is willing to pay the DJ whether there are two people or a packed house. But, if a DJ becomes self-aware of the power he has to generate a following combined with the guts to blaze trails and the ability to stay focused on his goals, then all of..

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By: Keith "1st Prophet" Kennedy

Myspace is filled with online gangstas who feel they are the "realest" thing going. Sadly, they don.t know that fans flock to original stars that stand out in a crowded sky. That is what makes B.o.B, the teenage musical phenom from Atlanta special. There has never Been one Before and there will never Be one Beyond - BoBATL.com or myspace.com/bobatl.

B.o.B is a unique individual with a clear understanding of his position. "I know kids listening to my music will be influenced by what they hear, so I'm trying to set a positive example." A statement of this magnitude is special from any artist representing the hip-hop community in light of criticisms from elders such as Oprah Winfrey to Bill Cosby, but hearing it from a 19 year old on a mission deserves a rousing round of applause. More on B.o.B.


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B.o.B feat Bruno Mars
"Nothin On You"

Double D feat Swazy Baby "That Loud"

"I Feed These Steets"

Lo Boy "Git Ghetto"

Double D "Weight Up"

P. Watts
"Grown Man"

B.o.B "Satellite"

"Super Bad"

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