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1. What is a record pool?

A record pool is a record label's ear-to-the-streets. Record labels service us with their new vinyl before it's commercially released (in most cases), and, in return, we distribute their records to many various DJ's who spin at clubs, radio, parties, mix CD's and tapes, etc. For this service, the DJ's pay a monthly fee and report feedback of the songs to their record pool either by charts, pictures, street reports, or some other form. The record label is looking for a buzz from the streets for their artist, so when the song is commercially released, it's a hot seller.

2. How much is TJ's DJs Record Pool?

Out of Town DJs:

Currently, record pool dues are $100 and there is a one-time membership fee of $100 that is received on your first payment. So it's $200 to get in and $100 a month after that. The $200 includes your first month dues and the membership fee. This also includes your shipping costs for 2 shipments per month (FREE SHIPPING). Please understand this is the current price and is subject to change at anytime.

Local DJs:

In-town DJ's are only $80 a month and a $80 one-time membership fee also is applied. In-town DJ's pick-up records every Wednesday.

3. When & how do I pay?

Dues are due on the first of each month. All dues received after the first should include a $20 late fee.

Payments can by made by Visa, Mastercard, a Check/Debit Card, Money Order, Cashier's Check or PayPal. Most of our members pay by credit card so their payments can automatically be deducted by the 1st of every month...this is the best way to keep from getting late fees.

4. How do I join your record pool?

In order to join TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool, you must be an active DJ. That means you must either spin at a club, radio, house parties, make mixed CD's or tapes, etc. When you are ready to join the pool, call or e-mail Malik ( or Keith ( informing them of your intent to join. They will take down all of your necessary info and when we receive your payment, you will be in and your first shipment will be shipped out.

5. How many shipments do I get?

Two shipments go out a month, each a couple days after the 1st and a couple days after the 15th.

6. How many records do I get in a shipment?

We average 60-80 records a month. Each shipment averages half of that, 30-40 records per shipment.

7. What kind of music do you get?

We are an urban record pool specializing in hip-hop, r&b, & reggae.

8. What labels do you receive servicing from?

We receive servicing from every major label. These labels include Arista, LaFace, Bad Boy, Interscope, Aftermath, Universal, Motown, Island, Cash Money, Def Jam, Sony, Epic, Columbia, Loud, Capitol, Priority, No Limit, Jive, Death Row, Elektra, Slip-N-Slide, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, SoSo Def, Roc-A-Fella, Eastwest, Dogghouse, TVT, Dreamworks, Noontime, Violator, Virgin, etc. We also receive servicing from independent distributors like Southern, Southwest, Lightyear, etc. Last, but not least, we get independent labels damn near everyday from all over the country.

9. Do you have a chart?

We have a top 50 chart that is sent off twice a month to our DJ's, all major record labels, numerous indie labels, and major reporting trade magazines.

We also do a Top 15 Gainers chart that features the hottest new music weekly.

10. Do you have a listing of the songs you have received?

The list of songs we receive in the pool is a very extensive list. Therefore, if you would like this info, please contact our office.

11. How does the CD pool work?

The CD pool works almost the same as the record pool. We make two compilation CD's, one for the 1st and the 15th, and it features the hottest vinyl we have received plus unreleased hot music. Along with the two compilation CD's, you will also get promo CD's we receive from labels such as Priority, Avatar, No Limit, etc. On an average month, you should receive 10-15 CD's.

12. How much is the CD pool?

TJ's DJ's CD Pool is $50 a month and a one-time membership fee of $50. And again, dues are due on the first of each month or you are subject to a $20 late fee. The CD Pool dues are subject to change at anytime.

13. What if I want to join both pools?

Joining both pools is the best value. The dues are vinyl pool dues with an added $30 for the CD pool with no membership fee for the CD pool. So, for a first time joiner, it would be $230 ($100 vinyl dues + $100 vinyl membership fee + $30 CD pool dues) to join and $130 ($100 vinyl dues + $30 CD pool dues) a month after that.

14. What are the benefits of joining your pool?

We are one of only a handful of record pools in the country that gets servicing from every major label. Besides this, we also actively seek records our DJ's asks for if we have not already received in the pool. For instance, if you hear a record in the club, on the radio, or wherever, that you think is a hit or maybe its just a song you want, contact us and give us the name of the song and artist, and if possible, a label, and we will do everything in our ability to track down that record.

In addition to this, we also offer all of our DJ's the following:

  • Free e-mail
  • Free web page
  • Free business consulting
  • Discounts on CD duplication
  • Discounts on printing
  • We also are able to book parties for our DJ's.

If there are any other questions you might have, do not hesitate to contact us!




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