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By: Keith "1st Prophet" Kennedy

Myspace is filled with online gangstas who feel they are the "realest" thing going. Sadly, they don't know that fans flock to original stars that stand out in a crowded sky. That is what makes B.o.B, the teenage musical phenom from Atlanta special. There has never Been one Before and there will never Be one Beyond.

B.o.B is a unique individual with a clear understanding of his position. "I know kids listening to my music will be influenced by what they hear, so I'm trying to set a positive example." A statement of this magnitude is special from any artist representing the hip-hop community in light of criticisms from elders such as Oprah Winfrey to Bill Cosby, but hearing it from an 18 year old on a mission deserves a rousing round of applause.

Once, B.o.B was a lil rascal running the streets of Eastside Atlanta locally known as Decatur. B.o.B was the outcast of his school, the quiet kid in the back of the class targeted by bullies and cruel jokes. So, B.o.B directed his energies inwardly by writing about his experiences, hopes, and dreams. Instead of studying world history he began focusing on the history of the hip-hop world. "My brother told me that Joe Budden writes seven raps a day. I took it as a fun challenge and did the same, if not more!" Plus, the outcast turned to the music of Outkast, Goodie M.O.B., Ludacris, T.I., and DMX to show how rhymes fit in a jamming format.

Before long, the once dejected reject took his lyric filled notebooks and linked with a crew to form The Klinic. B.o.B tried to make the group work as they recorded from time to time and occasionally performed. But, a driven B.o.B saw the process as too slow. So, his cousin taught B.o.B how the music production program Fruity Loops worked. Under the watchful eye of his mentor and co-manager, B. Rich, B.o.B began perfecting his beats and at only 14 years of age sold his first beat to Slip-N-Slide's Citti for "I'm The Cookie Man."

After that, it was on and poppin', or so B.o.B thought. "I went and blew all of my money on fast stuff like a chain and ballin'. Soon I was broke again, but I learned two important things from it; make sure I save my money and that I was hooked on music." Back to square one, B.o.B went solo and performed at area open mics to perfect his craft. One fateful evening he went to test his newest creation "Cloud 9" at T.I.'s Club Crucial. In attendance was legendary industry Tastemaker, TJ Chapman, CEO of TJ's DJ's.

TJ Chapman was so impressed with the performance that he agreed to become B.o.B's co-manager. After helping to launch the careers of T-Pain, David Banner, Yung Joc, and Rick Ross to name a few, Chapman directed his attention to helping B.o.B because "he is a superstar." Within the next few weeks, B.o.B signed to become the flagship artist for Rebel Rock, the imprint of hit beat maker Jim Jonsin (Jamie Foxx, Trick Daddy, Pretty Ricky) and subsequently Atlantic Records. But, for B.o.B getting a deal was "just a stepping stone for me. I'm working hard to put myself in an influential position because I have something to say."

Lately, B.o.B and his team have been building an organic buzz to ignite his ever growing fan base. B.o.B confides, "I expect a lot out of myself so I set the bar high. In fact, I want to have a diamond album (10 million units sold) right out of the gate!" To reach this massive mountaintop, B.o.B has employed a unique internet campaign of making low budget videos found on his page for a few of his tunes including "Haterz Everywhere," "Cloud 9," and "Chiefin' Like A Rasta" to virally circulate on the web. It must be working because, recently named B.o.B the artist of the week, has given him some ink, and named B.o.B one of "the next ATL stars." Plus, B.o.B carefully crafted mixtapes with DJs that have the people's pulse such as DJ Smallz ("Cloud 9") and Cool Runnings' Bigga Rankin (WRNR) featuring "Chevy Stars" with Ole-E and DJ Tremayne.

B.o.B is a self-contained music making machine on a mission. B.o.B writes, produces, and creates his own music that has been noticed by Lil Boosie and Konvict artists such as T-Pain, Ray L, and Rock City among others who have collaborated with him. B.o.B emphatically states, "I'm from the hood where all we know is poverty. So I work day and night to show people in the same position that if I can be successful, you can do it!" With an attitude such as this, it will be just a matter of time before the world will be B.o.Bbing along to the beat of this different drummer.

Check B.o.B's myspace page at

Download the Bigga Rankin / B.o.B "WRNR: The Future" Mixtape

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