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By: Keith "1st Prophet" Kennedy

When it comes to DJing, the owner of the venue generally holds all of the cards. The owner earns the door money, bar tabs, and dictates what he is willing to pay the DJ whether there are two people or a packed house. But, if a DJ becomes self-aware of the power he has to generate a following combined with the guts to blaze trails and the ability to stay focused on his goals, then all of the problems of being pimped would be fixed in the mix.

DJ DEMP has met the challenge of making DJing a business head on and has always had the capacity for thinking outside of the box. As most high school kids were focused on proms, sex, and other adolescent issues, DEMP created Demp Productions and began to start spinning house parties in Tallahassee while attending school. Eventually, he began to make mix CDs which got into the hands of the college crowds Florida A&M and Florida State has made Tallahassee famous for. Fraternities and sororities loved his sound enough to recruit him for their parties allowing for a new fan base.

In 1994, he began to rent out the clubs himself rather than allow himself to be hired, thereby allowing him to walk out with an envelope, just like the owner." His next chance to grow came in 1996 when he toured with the Ghost Town DJs to support the mega smash "My Boo." Meanwhile, DEMP achieved notoriety as the one who rocked the after parties in each location from New York to Hawaii.

After returning home from his first tour of duty, he earned a spot on Wednesday nights at the famous Moon nightclub. In addition, he also learned that he was to appear on BET's "Planet Groove." He was not stationary long as the infamous Uncle Luke came knocking on his door and recruited DEMP's services for a new tour. When he returned, he decided to take his career to another level.

While on the road, DEMP constantly met new people and maintained contacts because he understands the true power of networking and promotion. In 1998, he decided to have a week long celebration in Tallahassee to mark his birthday of January 9 and invite his new connections. Thus, Demp Week was born. The Nappy Roots, Twista, movie maven Lisa Raye, George Clinton, Trick Daddy, Juvenile, Field Mob, Jae Millz, Red Rat, So So Def, the And 1 Mixtape ballers, and the FUBU owners have all come to T-town for the annual celebration of a week full of events including a charity all-star basketball game, a golfing tournament, and star studded parties held each evening. He also could be heard on the community station WVHT 105.7 to follow up his radio beginnings on Florida State's WVFS 89.7.

DEMP continues to tour, currently spinning for Lil Flip city to city. Together, they even made a pit stop performance on BET's "106 & Park" for a live performance of the number one video slot "Game Over." Plus, he has been on the road for Cash Money's Juvenile and Trick Daddy. He even makes an appearance in the hood classic DVD, "Trick Daddy: Uncut." However, artists are not the only people he DJs for, he also spins hot fire for NFL star parties such as the Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis and Oakland Raiders' Randy Moss. This paved the way for yet another DEMP appearance on BET during their show "Madd Sports" as well as the promos to announce the episode.

From the start, DEMP never wanted to just settle for being a DJ. Every move made was a calculated step to bring him closer to embrace a larger reputation and bigger bank. "I'm just good at what I do," explains DEMP. "I can always do more than what I'm doing, though. Like Jay-Z said, I treat everything like my first project. Somebody is always there, ready to take your position." With this winning attitude, DEMP has been recently nominated for as the DJ of the Year by the Radio One Dirty Awards joining the ranks of DJs Irie, Drama, Boom Bip, Michael Watts, and The Scientist. In addition, he has won the prestigious TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Award thereby proving he has perfected the mix.

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