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Here at TJ's DJ's Records & CD Pool, we serve as so much more than a regular DJ pool. True enough, we service the top DJs in the land with the hot new butta joints. But, we also handle street promotions, event planning, DJ rental service, CD duplication, CD replication, and much much more!

TJ's DJ's has prepared the best street team around to tackle the arduous task of breaking records from a street level. From passing out product at the clubs, hitting radio, checking retail, and keeping a high level of visibility in the market, TJ's DJ's street team can do it all and have been for over 7 years now. If you don't believe us ask Tommy Boy, Universal, Avatar, Elektra, TVT, Aftermath, So So Def, Interscope, and Suave House for starters. All of them and many others have trusted us to blow up their projects in this market.

In addition to breaking records, we also have an event planning and marketing touch as well. As a matter of fact, some of the events that we have organized or sponsored include the Picnic-In-The-Park Program each summer, Break-Down Magazine's Annual Basketball Shootout, the Urban Music Conference, Wildstyle's Florida A&M Homecoming Car Show, the Hip-Hop & Jock Charity Basketball Game, and the Florida Invitational Stepshow to name a few. Each of these events were a very large success.

And if you're looking to have a party of your own, don't forget to look this way when you need someone to rock the house for you. TJ's DJ's will be able to supply you with a top quality professional DJ that plays the songs that you want to hear. Plus, since every DJ gets free email through the pool, you'll be able to talk with them directly.

TJ's DJ's has also taken a giant leap towards the future by investing a new venture with the company. For all of the DJs interested in seriously producing their mix CDs to sell in various locations, we have available high quality CD duplication. In addition, we are able to create and print labels as well as insert them into durable jewel cases. For those that are a little bit more serious or record labels looking for low cost CD production, we have CD replication with full color, bar coded, shrink-wrapped product for your reselling needs.

As you can tell, TJ's DJ's is much more than a record pool that services DJs. Contact us today, and I'm sure that we can fit your needs as well. If we can't, then we'll point you in the right direction. Either way, we're here for you.



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