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Thomas "TJ" Chapman, CEO

TJ Chapman has invested over 20 years into the music industry via a number of outlets. He began DJing in 8th grade during 1984 which led him to Florida A&M University in 1989. He has brokered over 11 deals for artists including DJ Taz ["That's Right" achieved gold status of 500,000 units sold on EMI] to labels such as Island and Warner Bros. As an A&R for So So Def, Lil Jon (yes, the mighty crunk one] utilized TJ's services to help choose the proper Florida acts to lace the So So Def Bass All-Stars Vol. 1. This move earned TJ his first of four gold plaques [500,000 copies sold for Trick Daddy, Trina, and others] and became the precursor of five platinum plaques [1 million copies sold for Alicia Keys, Ying Yang Twins, Ice Cube, Priority, and No Limit Records]. Chapman has also been the manager, through his imprint Karizma Entertainment, for numerous acts including Crazy Legs ["Happy & U Know It"], Prince Raheim ["Loose My Money"], Beatmaster Clay D ["Gimme A Bottle"] and Total Kaos ["Mo Money"]. In fact, TJ later hooked up with Kaos and Willie "White Shoe" Williams to form his own record label, studio, clothing and music store under Wildstyle Entertainment. Not to mention, you might have seen him speaking on numerous panels or in publications such as The Source, Vibe, Ozone, Down, and other magazines. You could even catch him in the Rick Ross ["Hustler"], DFB ["Lean Wit It"], T-Pain ["I'm Sprung" & "I'm N Luv"], Ali & Gipp ["Go Head"], Ying Yang Twins ["What's Happenin'"], David Banner ["Cadillac On 22s" & "Ain't Got Nothin'"], Mr. Magic ["I Drink, I Smoke"] or Jacki-O ["Nookie"] videos among others. But, his true mark on the world has come through his primary business, TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool.

What is a record pool? In short, a pool is a collection of DJs who receive their product directly from the labels in advance to break music and receive honest feedback. TJ has taken full advantage by always staying ahead of the game by utilizing his talented ear for that "next" record. When he finds it, he makes sure the world knows about it. He cleverly uses the Tastemakers Only DJ Conference and new technology such as emailing MP3s, posting and learning of new music through his website [] to spread the word. Look to TJ Chapman's work with the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait [The Whisper Song]" or T-Pain's "I'm Sprung" to see viral DJ promotions through MP3s in action. Plus, through Chapman's guidance, TJ's DJ's became the first urban record pool to offer CDs for DJs [lately, a common practice], as well as being a caretaker for the more traditional vinyl. Today's nationally known acts such as David Banner ["Like A Pimp"], Lil Jon [producer and former member of TJ's DJ's], T.I. ["24s"], Khia ["My Neck, My Back"], T-Pain ["I'm Sprung"], Pretty Ricky ["Grind On Me"] and a host of others owe a great deal to TJ and his DJs for breaking their music when nobody else gave them a chance.

Personal Quote:"It's all about relationships"


Keith Kennedy, Pool Director

While pursuing a degree from Florida State University as a sophomore, Keith joined TJ's DJ's in March 1997 as a wide eyed intern with a devotion to music and whose main obligations were to make sure DJs such as Lil Jon [multi-platinum producer, co-owner BME Recordings], Smurf [Grammy nominated; multi-platinum producer [Mr. ColliPark], Ying Yang Twins, David Banner, Plies; owner ColliPark Records], Nyce [aka Needlz – producer, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Trina], and Magic Mike [legendary DJ who earned 1 platinum & 5 gold plaques as a pioneer in the art of bass] received their records from the pool. As time progressed, TJ's DJ's CEO TJ Chapman took Keith under his wing and educated him to the game of the industry. Keith took those lessons to heart by declaring, "I may have received my B.S. degree from Florida State, but I earned a Master's by working at TJ's DJ's."

In his tenure at TJ's DJ's, Keith Kennedy has risen to the position of Pool Director charged with the caretaking of the day-to-day operations of the record pool, has spoken on various industry panels, and was dually employed as the General Manager of Wildstyle Entertainment including having the responsibilities of record store manager and retail promotions for the label. In addition, Keith has served as an event coordinator lending his knowledge to help the Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conference take shape as well as other events such as the Oscar winning, "Hustle & Flow" movie premiere and the Tastemaker Tasties Strip-Off Contest. And whenever guests have arrived in Tallahassee such as 50 Cent, Rich Boy ["Get To Poppin" – Interscope] and Smitty ["Diamonds On My Neck" – J], Keith acts as the appointed Tallahassee tour guide. But, Keith's true joy resides in music and more specifically, his writing.

In his young career, Keith has already interviewed high profile subjects such as David Banner, T.I., Lil Jon, Swizz Beats, Mike Jones, T-Pain, and Pastor Troy. But, his profiles are not limited to just artists as he has sat down with heavyweights such as Tony Shellman [co-owner & CEO of ENYCE clothing], TJ Chapman [CEO, TJ's DJ's], and Charles Dixon [CEO, Sir Charles Independent Promotions]. Plus, he has received ink in publications such as Ozone, The Source, Vibe, Down, and NV magazines as well as [which garners 20 million hits per month with 20,000 message board Tastemakers] and the Tallahassee Democrat among other outlets.

Lately, Keith Kennedy has proceeded with a motto borrowed from Mike Jones stating "my daily routine is pimpin' pens." To that end, Keith has written bios for artists such as BloodRaw [signed to Young Jeezy's CTE imprint], DJ Demp [Lil Flip and Trick Daddy's DJ, nominated for Radio One's DJ of The Year], Young Ca$h [SRC/Universal] and Triple J [Scarface's protégé']. In fact, Keith writes under the pseudonym 1st Prophet because it is rooted from his membership in the Iota Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, plus "I like to inspire folks while teaching through my writing, and I hate being second." Keith looks forward as his progression continues into the realm of song writing and screenplays while the world anticipates the release of his next great American novel.

Personal Quotes: "Carpe Diem," "Master of My Fate," & Section 218 War Chant: "J-A-G-U-A-R-S, Jaguars, Jaguars – Kick Their Ass!"


Dior George, Director of Operations

Dior hails from the big lights of the big city, New York. She journeyed to Tallahassee to pursue a degree from Florida A&M University, a goal that in December 2005 Dior crossed off her list. Dior's main pursuit of becoming an event planner is encouraged at TJ's DJ's as she has a large hand in the planning and execution of the Tastemakers Only DJ / Music Conferences. In addition, during her tenure at TJ's DJ's, Dior has learned to utilize her large network built through memberships in organizations such as A Network of Our Own [of which she is also the Vice-President] to connect the dots that make the operations she takes part in successful. Dior's aggressive attitude towards task management and ability to get things done solidifies her footing on a bright future.

Personal Quote: "Have you registered for the conference?"


Tuesday Donaldson, Marketing Representative

For someone who is only starting out, Tuesday has had her share of successes. She currently is a third year public relations [PR] major and marketing minor at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. In addition to the 16 hrs per semester for classes, Tuesday holds a full time position working as a Night Auditor for Microtel Hotel. Plus, through an internship at the radio station WWLD 102.3 and as the Marketing Representative of TJ's DJ's, Inc, Tuesday is able to study within her chosen field by hands-on application. Each passed day is a step closer to her dream of owning a PR firm which is in clear view on the horizon.

Tuesday's position as Marketing Representative at TJ's DJ's, Inc. has her responsible for ensuring a smooth registration process for over 1,000 industry Tastemakers for the quarterly Tastemakers conferences, coordinating the help of 100 volunteers, and continuing the lines of communication with our sponsors. Through this position alone, she has been able to collect valuable contacts and experience from an event that launched the careers of David Banner, Pretty Ricky, and T-Pain among others. Most importantly, Tuesday developed an unwavering calm by walking through the fires of adversity balancing egos and customer service simultaneously; all the while carrying herself like a lioness in a male dominated industry.

Personal Quote: "Live each day to the fullest" and "That's the best line you can come up with for my name?"


DJ Tech, Music Director

As the Music Director for one of the most influential record pools in the industry, DJ Tech manages a huge responsibility. His tasks include compiling music for our bi-weekly TJs DJs CD Pool compilations, TJs DJs music charts, and he makes sure each DJ within the pool receives the best possible music ahead of the curve in order to continue the legacy of record breaking that TJ's DJ's has become synonymous for. Plus, he in turn speaks with the labels that service TJ's DJ's and provides feedback from which they make decisions that cost time and money.

Earning the name DJ Tech (aka TechNasty) for his capabilities with a computer as well as his technical work on the wheels of Steel. You can find him mixing it up at spots including Club Paradigm, Baha's Beach Club, Elements, pool parties at Exchange Apartments, WWLD Blazin 102.3 FM. In addition, DJ Tech has produced mixtapes for EA Sports, Murphy Lee, Fresh Kid Ice (2 Live Crew), and next to blow artists such as Kaliko, and many others.

Personal Quote: "Whuddup?"



DJ Shane, Asst. Music Director

Representing Duuuuval County [aka Jacksonville, Florida] to the fullest, DJ Shane has held down the TJ's DJ's Dungeon for many moons. The Dungeon, named after the legendary namesake of OutKast fame, is home to the bins where the DJs of TJ's DJ's receive their vinyl. In short, this warlord is the organizer in the realm of chaos.

In addition, DJ Shane is also a member of the legendary Jacksonville DJ crew, Cool Runnings DJ. There, he has broken music from artists such as T.I., Lil Boosie, Webbie, and so many others for the massive.

Personal Quotes: Section 218 War Chant: "J-A-G-U-A-R-S, Jaguars, Jaguars – Kick Their Ass!"



DJ Slim, Johnny-On-The-Spot

If there were a title to describe DJ Slim and the work that he does at TJ's DJ's it would best be described as a Johnny-On-The-Spot. Whenever something needs to be handled, DJ Slim is always handy to volunteer his services without question or fail. Every team should be so lucky as to have such a dedicated member.

In between TJ's DJ's duties, DJ Slim has become a chief party rocker for the young adult crowd of Tallahassee. It has allowed him to build his name and also his business sense learned by incessant questions while working at TJ's DJ's. In fact, his hard work earned him the coveted Platinum Needle Award for outstanding achievement by a DJ for the 3rd Quarter 2005.

Personal Quote: Anything beginning with who, what, where, when, how and huh?




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